Säntis Delicatessen, the leading deli shop in the Philippines with 13 branches serving our loyal customers with world-class gourmet products from all over the world, has been very adaptive and forward-looking to changes, trends, and challenges that was brought into the Food & Beverage industry.


Its Corinthian Hills branch located at Unit 104, Upper G/F Corinthian Hills Club House, Temple Drive Brgy. Ugong Norte, Quezon City, which was opened in year 2006, has been revamped and modernized last July 18, 2023 to continuously provide a more enjoyable and satisfying experience to our Santis lovers whenever they visit their favorite deli shop.

Photos of Newly Renovated Säntis Corinthian Hills

 “I am very proud to say that the core brand values of quality products, reliability, and excellent service have strongly remained intact over the years in Santis.” shared President & CEO, Mr. Werner Berger.


“A welcoming and visually appealing ambiance can leave a positive first impression, making customers more likely to feel comfortable and open to exploring our wide variety of products. We always want to connect with our customers, in every way possible.” Mr. Berger added.

With our goal to continuously provide the best service to our customers, QR codes in-stores are also visible in every area of our 13 branches to make it easier and less of a hassle to customers who might want to share their comments and reviews on our services and products.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers who have been with us through the years.

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