Säntis Delicatessen: The Perfect Place for your Holiday Needs

Gift-giving is an important part of the Christmas season that is celebrated all over the world. A Christmas gift is a present that can include anything from wine to Christmas ham to non-edibles to anything else you want to give to your loved ones. Säntis Delicatessen’s Christmas gifts only include world-class products such as Italian panettone, stollen, and a wide selection of wines, which are commonly seen in our Christmas catalogs.

Here are some of the perfect Holiday Gifts you can find in Santis:

gift baskets

Säntis Delicatessen - Christmas Gift Baskets

Säntis holds a large collection of holiday baskets that include a wide variety of chocolate desserts, sweet breads, savory snacks, honey-cured hams, and a selection of wines and champagnes that are perfect for celebrating the Christmas season.


Säntis allows you to freely choose which product to include in your basket, and if you need help deciding, we’re happy to assist.

  • • Round Basket (Big & Small)
  • • Oval Basket
  • • Oval Tray
  • • Round Big Maroon Abacca
  • • Oval Tray Rope – Varnish with ear handle
  • • Rectangular Slatted Wood
  • • Cutting Board Stain Finish
  • • Wooden tray White wash

Säntis Christmas Ham

Säntis Delicatessen - Christmas Ham

Our famous honey-cured Christmas ham is juicy and moist, perfect for your family’s Noche Buena centerpiece. Sweet and savory, Säntis’ hams are an ideal gift to loved ones this holiday season. Prices are reasonable and vary depending on the size.

Italian Panettone and Stollen

Säntis Delicatessen - Christmas Pastries
Säntis Delicatessen - Italian Panettone and Stollen

Italian panettone and stollen are perfect gifts as they come in unique and colorful packaging, and offer many different flavors. Both are exclusively available during the Christmas season at all Säntis Delicatessen branches.

christmas cookies

Säntis Delicatessen - Christmas Cookies

Säntis Delicatessen provides the most delectable and gift-worthy Christmas Cookies that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and are perfect for snacking and sharing with loved ones.

Wide Selection of Wines

Säntis Delicatessen - Wines

We offer a collection of top-quality champagnes and wines from various countries at affordable prices.


Every gift giver would love to pamper the people significant to their heart. This holiday season, surprise any recipient with only the best Christmas gifts from Säntis Delicatessen. Contact us at 8844 1154 today!