Characteristics: Very fine cooked sausage with parsley

Flavor: Mild with slight hint of lemon and parsley

Shelf life: Chilled 14 days, Frozen 60 days

Storage: Chilled +1 C, Frozen -18 -20 C

Ingredients: Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Water, Iodized Salt, Parsley

Spices, Phosphate, Natural Hog Casing

or Sheep Casing

Weight: 60 – 70 g per piece sheep casing

Weight: 80 – 90 g per piece hog casing

How to cook: Simmer in salted water for 10 minutes

Packaging: Vacuum pack, 1 kg

Item Code: OKTF 0002 Sheep Casing

Item Code: SCOS 0251 Hog Casing